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1-25 Employee Corporate Account
Instructor: Online Standards Training Editor
Released: 10-12-2013
Price: $ 1450
Certificate: No certificate given for this course

   $1,450/yr.   ($725/yr. with your Registrar's promo code)

The 1-25 Employee Corporate Account allows you to register up to 25 employees for the Online Standards Training portal.  This gives access to the courses for your registered employees.  As we add more courses, they will be able to take the new courses.  Workers-In-Distribution-Warehouse

When you sign up, we'll ask for a main account (username/email).  This will be our primary contact within your organization.

  1. Click the "Buy Now" button and complete the registration and purchase step.  Be sure you have your promotional code from your registrar and get a 50% discount
  2. Go to Register Students and enter the employee names and email addresses
We do the rest...

We create accounts and email the login information to the registered employees

Your employees can then login and "enroll" in any course they would like.

NOTE:  We accept PayPal or Credit Card - Payments are made to our Hosting Company (GraceHost.net) for processing.

1 Year: $ 1450
Online Standards Training Editor

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