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IATF 16949 2016 Internal Auditor Training Module 6
Instructor: Brandon Kerkstra
Released: 05-17-2017
Price: Free for students of IATF 16949 Package (1-5 Employees), IATF 16949 Package (1-10 Employees), IATF 16949 2016 Internal Auditor Training Module 1
Certificate: Must complete all lessons
Table of Contents
This course is FREE for students of the following courses:
IATF 16949 Package (1-5 Employees), IATF 16949 Package (1-10 Employees), IATF 16949 2016 Internal Auditor Training Module 1
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The course
S001 - Auditing Basics – Based on ISO 19011

S002 - Auditing…

S003 - Auditing vs. Inspection

S004 - 9.2.1 Audit for QMS

S005 - Internal Audit Program

S006 - 3 Types of Audits Required

S007 - 3 Types of Audits Required

S008 - 3 Audit Types

S009 - Product Audit

S010 - Process Requirements

S011 - Auditing and Auditory

S012 - Auditing a Specific Process

S013 - What Is an Audit?

S014 - Quality Systems Audit

S015 - ISO 19011

S016 - ISO 19011

S017 - 4) Principles of Auditing

S018 - 4) Principles of Auditing

S019 - 5.1) General

S020 - ISO 19011 Plan, Do, Check, Act

S021 - 5.2 Audit Program Objectives

S022 - 5.3) Establishing the Audit Program

S023 - 5.4) Implementing the Audit Program

S024 - 5.5) Managing the Audit Program

S025 - 5.6) Reviewing & Improving the Audit Program

S026 - 6 Performing the Audit

S027 - 6.2) Initiating The Audit

S028 - Quality Management System Documents

S029 - Preparing for audit

S030 - Conducting The Audit

S031 - 6.5 Preparing The Audit Report

S032 - Finishing up !

S033 - Audit Objectives

S034 - MAJOR !!

S035 - Major or Minor

S036 - Interviewing Techniques

S037 - Interviewing Techniques

S038 - Interviewing Techniques

S039 - Interviewing Techniques

S041 - 10 DOs

S042 - 10 DON’Ts

S043 - ISO 19011 Auditor Attributes

S044 - Auditor Traits

S045 - Auditor Traits

S046 - Good audit skills

S047 - Competence - Evaluation of Auditors

S048 - QMS Auditor Knowledge & Skills

S049 - 3-D Audit Process

S050 - Audit Systems, Not People

S051 - Gathering Facts

S052 - Be Observant

S053 - General Good Practices

S054 - Sampling Methods

S055 - Sampling Methods

S056 - Bad Audit Skills

S057 - Audit Team Leader -(Lead Auditor)

S058 - Audit Team Member

S059 - Internal Audit Schedule

S060 - Debrief

S061 - Conduct the Closing Meeting

S062 - Writing Nonconformance's

S063 - Good Corrective Action Request (CAR) & Promoting Root Cause Analysis

S064 - Problem Statement

S065 - Problem Statement

S066 - Meaning of a Two Part Non Conformance

S067 - Example Nonconformance

S068 - Example Nonconformance

S069 - Reviewing Completed Corrective Action – Follow-up

S070 - Is Corrective Action Irreversible?

S071 - Audit Conclusion and Closure

S072 - Audit Record

S073 - Corrective Action/Follow-up

S074 - Looking Back on Our Audit

S075 - Audit Should Also Answer

S076 - Now you are ready to AUDIT!

This course is FREE for students of the following courses:
IATF 16949 Package (1-5 Employees), IATF 16949 Package (1-10 Employees), IATF 16949 2016 Internal Auditor Training Module 1
Are you a student of any of these course(s)?  
Not a student?  

Module 6 – Auditing Basics – ISO 19011, including: understanding how to plan, conduct, report, and close out audit findings, sampling, interviewing etc…

IATF 16949 2016 Internal Auditor Training

This module is intended for the Internal Auditor.  It covers tips and techniques for a successful and productive audit experience.  Branding gives useful information from his experience auditing many companies of the years.

Please take a look at the Table of Contents to see the scope of this course.

Be sure to contact your Registrar for a 50% discount when you sign up.

1 Year: $ 195
Brandon Kerkstra
Brandon Kerkstra has worked with hundreds of companies in a wide range of industries during the past 14 years as president of MSG. In addition to building the successful business, Brandon has facilitated the implementation of ISO 17025, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, APQP, CMMI, & SPICE (ISO 15504).  Brandon has also trained on Project Management, Time Management and Lean Concepts, and more recently implemented and trained on AS 9100 and AS 9115 as well as DO178B requirements.

Before launching MSG, Brandon Kerkstra was responsible for business development at the North American division of the British Standards Institution Inc., the world's largest registrar of quality management systems, and for technical business development at Entela, Inc., the world’s leading automotive and manufacturing registrar.  Kerkstra also held positions as a lead trainer for both organizations.

With extensive experience in product testing, inspection, and quality, Kerkstra is familiar with a wide range of ISO 9000, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14000 management systems assessments for the military, nuclear, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Kerkstra has appeared as a keynote and motivational speaker at professional and international conferences and on national television about the benefits and technical aspects of management system registration to international standards. As a paid speaker, he has addressed Siemens VDO and the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards on the subject of international standards in registration.

Brandon holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Michigan Technological University as well as numerous technical certifications.

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