ISO Standards Training Courses

103 - Internal Auditing (Parts A - D)

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  Course Highlights
  • Introduction, philosophy, requirements, people
  • Audit map, schedule, audit matrix
  • Creating audit checklists
  • Conducting the audit
  • Documenting the audit
  • Follow-up corrective action responses for effectiveness
  Learning Outcomes
  • Apply auditing concepts as an internal auditor
  • Recognize systemic failures vs. incidents
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Write effective findings to capture the problem
  • Assess corrective action response for effectiveness
  • Share effectiveness of QMS with top management
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  • Corporate Account:  Included
Intended Audience:

If you have been named to your organization's internal auditor team, this instructor led course provides internal auditor candidates with knowledge and techniques to effectively conduct an internal audit of a process-based quality management system using ISO 9001:2008.


To complete the Internal Auditor training, you must take seven (7) courses. 

Course 1:  101 Quality Management System Concepts
  1. Process approach
  2. Pushing system for results

Courses 2 & 3: 102 Review Requirements of ISO 9001:2008
  Part A and then,
  Part B

Courses 4 thru 7:  Auditing a Quality Management System
  A.  Getting Started
  B.  Creating the Audit Checklist
  C.  Conducting the Audit
  D.  The Audit Report & Corrective Action Follow Up

Under each main topic, the course is organized into segments of one hour or less. If you need to leave the course and return later, the course will open to the spot where you departed.

A short quiz is given at the conclusion of the review of the standard and the auditing portion of the course.