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102 - ISO 9001:2008 The Basics (Part A & B)

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An Introduction to ISO 9001:2008

  Course Highlights
  • Detailed review of processes and their interactions
  • Importance of process metrics
  • Value of organizational quality objectives
  Learning Outcomes
  • Apply standard to the development of a QMS
  • Define an organization's processes
  • Individual Course (part A): $70.00
  • Individual Course (part B): $70.00
  • With Registrar's Promo Code: 50% discount
  • Corporate Account:  Included
Intended Audience:

This course should be taken by any QMS stakeholder wanting to learn the basics of the standard.  Managers, Executives, Quality Control Team members will benefit from taking this course. 


A review of this international standard is split into two parts using generic processes found in most organizations.

Part A walks the participant through various processes outlining where specific segments of the standard come into play. Additionally, the metrics for each respective process is discussed.

Part B completes the review of the processes and the appropriate segments of the ISO 9001 standard.
There is a quiz as part of this course.  

A certificate of completion is awarded to students achieving a 70% score on the quiz.

Click to view Part A course outline & instructor specifics.
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